An architect goes to hell where the devil says: Hey, we don´t get many architects around here. There´s some work I want you to do for me.

Within a short time, the architect gets an air-conditioning system installed, puts in elevators and escalators, repaints the place and in general makes it quite attractive.

God hears of this and calls the devil on his hell phone.

Hey, what´s going on down there? God asks Satan.

Amazing! says Satan, we got an architect and he put in Air Conditioning, elevators and escalators, even repainted the place it looks beautiful down here.

An architect? You don´t get the architects; I do! said the almighty, All the architects are up here. How do you think we keep this place looking like it does? That architect was a mistake. Send him back!

No, said the devil, I will not send him back. We´ve got him and we´re going to keep him!

No you won´t, God responded, I´ll sue you!

Oh yeah, said Satan, where are you going to get a lawyer?